Chiropractors & Activators

Many people that have gone to general chiropractors have experienced this device called an activator. Some refer to it as a “Thumper” or “clicker” because that is basically what it feels like when being used.

Here at Premier Spine Health & Injury we have decided to not utilize this device. There are times when it is useful to have, but these times are so few and far between that we would rather not even have one in the office.

Let me explain why. The activator is meant to be a “faster” adjustment, but not as solid of an adjustment. There are some people that don’t like the “cracking” sound that occurs with an actual adjustment and that is why they prefer the activator, but, in my opinion, an activator just does not give the patient a satisfactory adjustment.

Adjustments are meant to restore nerve flow and function. Adjustments restore motion to the spine which will then decrease swelling thus allowing the nerve to function better and you feel better. An activator just does not do that. That is precisely why we have chosen to not use an activator in the office.

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