Tendonitis and Chiropractic

Any time a word ends with -itis, it means that there is inflammation. In the case of tendonitis, it means there is inflammation in a tendon.

Scores of Holmen residents come to the office every day with tendonitis. They state that nothing in particular happened and they don’t know why they are getting the tendonitis.

Tendonitis typically occurs from overuse of a joint. Another common way to have tendonitis is when a joint is not functioning properly. This makes the muscle and tendon not function properly, which then leads to tendonitis or even worse, muscled strains or pulls.

In our office, we analyze these joints to ensure they are functioning properly and the tendonitis generally subsides. There are other factors that come into play as well, such as dietary changes, the type of activities, weight, etc. These are all covered on an individual basis.

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