When To Get A Chiropractic Adjustment.

Dr. Jones, your local Holmen Chiropractor, explains when to get a chiropractic adjustment.

There are numerous residents of Holmen, Onalaska and La Crosse that receive chiropractic adjustments at our office. Most of the time when they come in, it isn’t just because they’re in pain. They come in because the pain is preventing them from doing something in their lives. This can range from playing with their kids, exercising, working, etc.

Many times when they come in, we can trace the pain they are experiencing back to an accident or injury they sustained maybe a month, 6 months, 5 years ago. They’re body has adapted to the pain, but the problem is is that the problem is still there! They’re body has just become accustomed to it. That is why they all of a sudden experience the pain when they just bend over to pick up a pair of socks or they notice it more when they are exercising or doing certain activities.

So to answer the question of when to get a chiropractic adjustment, you should get an adjustment sooner than later. Get it done before the problem turns to a chronic issue and takes 5 times as long to heal. Check out our latest video to learn more.

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