Chiropractic & Knee Pain

Knee pain affects a lot of people every day. The difficult thing with knee pain is the fact that it isn’t always a problem with the ligaments or tendons. People can spend 1,000’s of dollars on diagnostic imaging for knee pain, but never get the answers as to what is wrong or why.

This is what separates Premier Spine Health & Injury in Holmen apart from all other healthcare facilities. We do a full analysis of the knee to check the ligaments as well as the actual motion of the joint itself.

Knee pain is often caused by the joint not functioning properly. Give this enough time and it will eventually become sore and painful and could even lead to more issues later. We are able to stop the process before it gets to that point by analyzing how the knee is functioning and make the necessary adjustment to restore normal motion to the knee. Once the knee is stabilized, we go over specific strengthening exercises to maintain the function of the knee.

Check out Dr. Jones’s latest video to learn more.

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