When Chiropractic does NOT work.

Dr. Jones, your local Holmen Chiropractor, talks about when chiropractic does not work.

From our experience in the office, chiropractic can and does work for nearly everyone. How much and to what extent depends on the injury and application of chiropractic.

We often hear people outside of the office say that they’ve tried chiropractic and it did not work. We see people in the office that have tried other chiropractors and didn’t get relief. While this is unfortunate when this occurs, it really boils down to the application of chiropractic and how the chiropractor treats your condition.

This is what separates us from all other offices. We really take the time to sit down and get to know the patient and their condition during a thorough consultation. We then go through an in depth exam to pinpoint where the problem is and then, finally, we take very specific x-rays to see exactly what the problem is and know how to properly fix it. After that, we lay out specific plan for YOU and go over exactly what your chiropractic benefits are.

By taking this approach, it has allowed us to help more and more people with chiropractic, even after they’ve tried other offices and this is what separates us from all other offices. Check out our latest video to learn more.

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