Chiropractic Maintenance Care

Dr. Jones, your local Holmen Chiropractor, describes what maintenance care is and why you need it in this latest video.



Maintenance care begins after an initial plan of care is completed.  This occurs once a patient has reached what we deem as pre injury status.  Meaning that the patient is at or near the level they were prior to injuring themselves.  Once someone is at this level of care, we sit down and figure out a best plan of action to help maintain the correction that we made with the initial care.  Maintaining your health is much like maintaining a house or car.  If you build a house or buy a car, but then do nothing to help maintain it, what is going to happen?  It will break down!!  The same thing occurs with our bodies!!!


If you don’t maintain your spine/nervous system, you will constantly be sick and have health issues.  If you put unhealthy food into your body, you will get poor results from your body.  If you put poor things into your brain, whether it be what you’re watching on TV or reading, you’re going to get poor results from your thinking.  “Stinkin thinkin” as Zig Ziglar says.  Our spine is the same way.  This is where chiropractic comes into play.  If we don’t maintain our spine, it will break down.  You will not only experience more pain and lower quality of life, but you will also begin to develop arthritis and many other health problems!  A little maintenance goes a long ways!!!

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