When to stop chiropractic care?

Dr. Jones, Holmen’s leading chiropractor, explains when to stop chiropractic care.  The easy answer is that it’s always up to you!  We explain to people that your body is like your car (much more valuable, but you get the point).  You take your car in for maintenance and you should do the same for yours.  Now, most people come in because they’re in pain and that’s why we’re the leading chiropractic office because we get you out of pain and keep it that way!  After you start to feel better, the choice is always up to  you.  Some people choose to get adjusted every week (I do), some go every other week, some go once a month, some go once every 2-4 months.  There is not magic recipe for everyone, but feeling better and keeping it that way is really the name of the game!

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